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Sarah & Sian

What would winning a wedding mean to you?

With the charity and community work that we do and having 4 kids between us, the cost of living crisis has hit us and our work, hard. We don’t earn a lot and taking care of 4 kids, three of which have additional needs, has its pressures…

We are determined to tie the knot but due to financial pressures and everything else we were originally going to elope but one day, we were driving past Oldwalls (we’d heard the ads on the radio loads!) and decided to pop in to have a look. We fell in love with the place and decided that potentially it would be worth exploring our options. When we visited we felt so welcome, the whole operation just felt really inclusive which we didn’t necessarily experience with all the venues we enquired with. The entire team were so welcoming and really considerate of the additional needs of our kids, creating safe places, it was about us as a family and we’ve dreamed about getting married there ever since.

I grew up on Gower, and we got engaged on Gower its home and Oldwalls felt heavenly, our dream venue, when we stood in the outdoor ceremony area and held hands, Sarah started crying it’s just so beautiful. It’s everything we’ve dreamt of in a venue, it’s just perfect. We want to stand there with our friends and family and say ‘it’s why we fell in love!’

How did you meet?

Sarah says; “We met just over a year ago, which in lesbian terms, that’s over a decade. I was diagnosed with a mild spinal cord damage, but I had committed to going to an event to discuss a festival I was running, it was an LGBTQ+ event. The meet up was in Swansea, and I was there taking about the festival, the charity work I do within the community and discussing how people can access the festival and benefit from it even if they didn’t have the finances to do so.

Sian: Being a single mum, I was looking forward to a night out with friends. I walked through the door, Sarah was walking to her table and we both locked eyes, it was a movie moment, love at first sight, and I decided to pursue her that evening. Sarah took more convincing as she wasn’t looking for a relationship.

How did your partner propose?

Sian says: “The first time I realised I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Sarah was when we were down Rotherslade beach. So on our first anniversary I wanted to take her to Rotherslade, and then Langland Bras to celebrate but Sarah was procrastinating for 4 hours, so we got there just in time for the meal in the Langland Bras and I had to propose on the beach afterwards! Sarah loves to search for sea glass, so I had a piece of sea glass made scrawled with ‘will you marry me’, I hid it in the sand for Sarah to find, when she found it, she turned around and I was down on one knee. The sun was setting, and we just had the most amazing meal, it was perfect.

Sarah: I was so convinced Sian was going to propose on our anniversary and when she went to toilet during meal, I text my best friend to say I don’t think she will, as I couldn’t see a ring box in her jeans. What I didn’t know was Sian had bought a slim line ring box, so I didn’t notice it in her pocket! The rest is history.


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