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Beth & Aaron

What would winning a wedding mean to you?

Winning a wedding would mean the world to us. It would be the perfect place to get married as a lot of our memories have been created in Wales. We have always dreamt of having all of our friends and family within one room together, celebrating love, happiness and life itself we’ve had a tough few years after suffering a life threatening Ectopic pregnancy in 2021 and are finally feeling like we are ready for the next steps. Winning a wedding would allow us to tie the knot and commit to our future together.

How did you meet?

We met in lockdown on 24th May 2020. We bumped into each other whilst we were both out on a walk and got chatting. We knew of one another from school but had never spoken. I plucked up the courage to suggest if ever he wanted someone to join him and Milo (the dog) on a walk, I would join him as I was finding lockdown very isolating. The next day we organised to meet and go on a walk together. As it was lockdown we carried on meeting up for dog walks which became a daily occurrence. I work for the NHS in palliative care so these walks became a release for me and I looked forward to them more and more each day. We would walk for miles and miles and got to know all about each other’s lives. I just knew Aaron was the one from our first walk together. Finally, the rules were changed and "bubbling up" was introduced. So we decided to bubble up and I moved in with Aaron in the summer and never left… the rest is history.

How did your partner propose?

Aaron proposed to me on our favourite beach in Conwy, North Wales in August 2022. We were sat on a bench overlooking the beach talking about our future together and he popped the question. The bench is engraved with a saying "don't let dreams be dreams" it was perfect.


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