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Alisha & Nicky

What would winning a wedding mean to you?

I want to put this in so many words and I hope I can express how much winning this wedding would mean to us. Nicky is my whole world, he is my safe place, he is my heart and he is my home. We have had the toughest 3 years, facing infertility and recently finding out we had miscarried at our 12 week scan - after our third try at IVF. Through every appointment, every hurdle, ever tear - we have held each other’s hands, picked each other up and been there for each other no matter what. It’s brought us closer than you can imagine. Whatever our future holds, whether that’s with children or not, I know I will be okay because I have my Nick. We both work 5 jobs between us, Nick works as an electrician in the week and a taxi driver on the weekend, I work as a physio assistant in the weekdays, a cleaner in the evenings and as a PA on a Saturday - we do all this for our future, our wedding and to pay for our IVF treatment.

We’ve been saving hard for the wedding as we know Oldwalls Gower offers the quality and assurance we want for our dream wedding experience. To make it happen we saved costs by opting for a winter date and we couldn’t be happier with the value for money the winter wedding package currently offers but winning would mean we can allocate the wedding funds into planning for our future and hopefully help us to start ‘our own little family’. Planning our wedding has been our distraction in the hardest time. We know there are so many deserving couples but I really, truly believe me and Nick deserve a chance to win this absolutely incredible prize, we are so grateful to get to this stage and winning would simply mean the world to us.

How did you meet?

Me & Nick first met each other at school, Nick being a couple years older than me. Nick says he remembers me being quiet, with my full fringe and braces and I remember Nick being super outgoing, the ‘popular kid’, with his blonde mullet. The ‘love story’ of Nick and I started in 2017 with ‘modern day’ social media flirting winding up with Nick sliding in my DM’s. He posted on Facebook talking about a certain series and I commented on it, which is totally out of my character, I threw my phone in anxiety and didn’t look at it for an hour! When I checked, he had DM’d me. I can still remember the butterflies that gave me. Then 2 days later we went on our first date and from then on, it’s been me and Nick living life together and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How did your partner propose?

Nick had the proposal planned for over a year. We planned a dream holiday to America for Nicks 30th birthday, New York, San Francisco and Vegas. Nick LOVES the Transformers films, in one of the films they are in San Francisco and they go to a view point called ‘battery spencer’ and Nick said the moment we watched that film he knew that’s where he would propose to me. So we booked America, me thinking it was for his 30th but little did I know, we were about to be engaged. Nick had a whole itinerary, we went to New York first which was incredible and then San Francisco- it was February 6th, the day before his birthday, we cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge, had the most beautiful breakfast and then cycled up to the view point and that’s where he asked me to marry him, overlooking San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, in the sunshine - it was simply perfect. He had someone record the proposal and that will forever be my most precious video. We then flew to Vegas and celebrated - literally a once in a lifetime holiday and all just before lockdown!

You set the date at Oldwalls back in 2021, what inspired you to book Oldwalls?

As soon as we got engaged we knew exactly where we would like to view; Oldwalls & Fairyhill. I had never been to either but on social media and seeing other couples videos and pictures, I could see it had everything in a venue I dreamed of. There is something different about The Oldwalls Collection, compared to other venues - when you arrive you feel like you are wanted and belong, everything is calm, at ease and the surroundings are just breathtaking. We have been to a few weddings at Fairyhill and every single one of them have been exceptional and we knew this would be the standard if we choose Oldwalls too. From the food, the service, the surroundings and the unrivalled venue interiors/exteriors, it gave us everything you’d look for in your wedding venue. Every time we go to Oldwalls, whether it has been a showcase or to show our family, I fall in love with it more and more, we just know ‘it’s the one’, just like Nick is my one.


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